Welcome to BlenderInMotion.

My name is Ian McGlasham and I have been working in motion graphics for TV and film for nearly 20 years.

Having used many 2D, 3D, compositing and editing systems, I have regularly found myself tempted by the ever increasing power and versatility of blender. Now I would like to show you how to utilise the tricks and tips I have picked up over the years in order that blender can be used across the industry in the motion graphics pipeline.

Blender provides an incredibly powerful toolset for animators in the world of film and storytelling, but the speed and power it has can also be harnessed to create amazing visuals used in the world of Motion Graphics.

Many film animation projects are beyond the scope of the individual blender user, where teams of tens, hundreds or even thousands of specialists are employed over many months to finish a job.  Motion graphics is an area in which the creativity and productivity of the individual are highly valued. A single designer is very often responsible for the idents, title sequences, logo animations and titling of the TV programmes you see everyday.

My aim is to provide tutorials geared specifically toward the creation of idents, logo animations and effects which can be utilized in the arena of motion graphics using the incredible, open-source, environment provided by the creators of blender and its impressive open community.